At Munitionworks™, we believe that the fundamental building block of a healthy society is the citizen who is physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually prepared and equipped to effectively serve their family, neighbors, and community in times of common and/or dire need. As such, we seek to equip and prepare those citizens with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively carry out that mission. Furthermore, we must all strive to protect and preserve innocent human life regardless of social standing, geographic position, or fundamental characteristics as all men from the beginning are made as image bearers of God with inherent value regardless of those categories.


Munitionworks™ is a small, driven producer of premium firearms. Our mission as a company is to offer dependable defensive tools to responsible citizens for self-defense and sport. In pursuit of this mission, we only use quality components across all of our product lines and adhere to tried and true processes in our assembly and quality control procedures to ensure that the end product is a firearm that our customers can trust their lives to in the same way that we do.

Our humble beginnings in April of 2020 were as a passion project. While product lines have seen changes, our goal of providing the tools and knowledge to help Americans protect themselves and their communities has not. As shooters first, we only design and build defensive tools that we take pride in owning. With a few dollars and a dream, we seized an opening in the tumultuous market of 2020 and began milling and building our first line of rifles, the LTT-15. Far from the pinnacle of visual perfection, they always ran better than they looked.

Since then, we have continued to improve our products with our new line of Great Lakes Carbines. Today, they are truly the complete package: a gun that turns heads at the range while still going "bang" every time it is asked. Though we are still a fledgling company, we are confident in what we are making and excited for the corner we are carving out in the larger community of firearm enthusiasts. When you buy a Munitionworks™ rifle, we want you to share that confidence and become a part of our story as we continue to grow.

"DO IT. DO IT RIGHT. DO IT RIGHT NOW." a family tradition.

Munitionworks™ is truly a family company. Meet the rambunctious hanyacks behind the builds.

Dane Van Allen

Owner, chief builder

Being the youngest, Dane's passion for firearms began in the same place that all good things do: his big brother. Since his first mag dump out of Macen's shiny new black rifle, he was hooked.

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2020 with a degree in Political Science, which has definitely been invaluable for his career development.  His junior year, he picked up a part-time job at a local range to feed his growing gun bug. After graduation, he ran away to Sheboygan County and began to work on his dream of being a semi-prominent interstate arms dealer. The visionary and primary operator of the company, he spends most days cooking up new products and churning out the rifles Munitionworks™ is known for.

Macen Van Allen


The eldest of the brothers, Macen is a mechanical engineer by trade, cyclist by passion, and motivator by nature. While earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University, he hopped on a bike and began to smash face accordingly. He worked his way from the bottom of Category 5 to racing with the big boy pros at the Redlands Classic and USA Cycling Nationals.

Today, for Munitionworks™, he brings a unique approach to the table. Combining his knowledge of man-deployed tools that go "boom" and quality processes with his inherent desire to break things, he developed our quality and testing protocols to make sure our builds will suffer through every bump and bruise along the way. When he isn't galivanting through the Rocky Mountains with his trusted side-kick and street rescue, Onyx, or riding a bike, he's burning powder to feed his chronic addiction to scent of popped primers and carbon particulate. 

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