I just ordered a rifle. How long will it take to ship? (Updated 01/03/2022)

Every rifle, complete upper, and complete lower ordered through our webstore is made to order. Current lead time for orders is 8-10 weeks. Occasionally, there may be an issue with availability of certain parts, but we will contact you if that is the case. We tend to keep a stock of components that are shared amongst our various models (i.e. receivers, barrels, bolt carrier groups, gas system assemblies, lower parts, etc.), but accessories like slings, optics, and grips and model-specific items like rails are typically ordered to meet demand. We appreciate your patience in allowing us to give each made-to-order piece the attention it needs. To help you track your order, we have recently updated our tracking system to follow along every stage of a build. You should receive an email update at each status change, but you can also track its status through your account page on the website. Here is what each stage of the process means:

Components Pulled/Ordered: At this stage, we have pulled components from our existing stock and/or ordered specialty items needed for the build. Once here, we can typically still make additions to your order, but we may or may not be able to accommodate changes to rail choice, barrel length, muzzle device selection, or other alterations to core components. Please contact us as quickly as possible if you would like to make such a change.

Cerakote Complete: This stage is fairly self-explanatory. If you ordered parts with one of our Cerakote finishes, it means that they have been sprayed. Assembly has not yet begun, but we cannot make changes to parts of the build that have been painted.

Build Initiated: Here, we have started assembly on your built-to-order product. Your order will remain in this stage until assembly is completely finished. Generally speaking, both receiver assemblies are completed on the same day, but there are times when it may stay in this status for more than one day. For example, a lower may be built at the end of the day on a Wednesday while the upper receiver is finished up on Thursday.

Build Complete, Pending Test Fire: As a small outfit, we have to maximize our use of time. Test fire is done off-site, so, to minimize travel time, we test fire in batches. As such, your order may stay here for a few days as we wrap up more rifles to take out.

Test Fire Complete, Final QC/Packaging: For complete firearms and upper receiver groups, this stage means that test fire has been completed and it has passed. After conducting a final once-over, your order will be packaged for shipment via UPS Ground.

Shipped: This status means that your order is boxed and ready to go and/or dropped off for shipment with UPS. In some cases, labels are made and orders are updated in the evening for drop-off the next day, which means that your tracking information may show something along the lines of "Awaiting Package." Since firearms are a regulated good, UPS requires that we ship exclusively through a Customer Service Center, which have narrow morning and evening drop-off windows. 

What is covered by the FYS Limited Lifetime Guarantee?

Technically, everything is. If something fails due to poor component selection or a misstep on the part of our QC process that leads to you receiving a subpar firearm, we will repair or replace it free of charge. Certain "wear" items in the action of our rifles, namely barrels, bolt heads, extractors, and buffer springs, can be replaced should they begin to fail through use over time. Generally speaking, most shooters will not reach the round count thresholds where such components will fail or wear beyond acceptable tolerances. Every component of our rifles is selected to last. But, the reality is that things do simply wear out after several thousand rounds fired. We want your defensive tool to be a dependable go-to even after you've sent all those rounds down the pipe. Simply submit a support ticket and we'll take care of you.

Will you really replace my barrel free of charge if I shoot it out?


I found a lower price on one of your rifles in my local store or an online retailer. Will you match it?

No. As a part of our mission to provide responsible Americans with life-saving defensive tools, we have to do our part to bolster the firearm industries of localities around the country. As such, we work directly with dealers and distributors to make them competitive in the market. While we may have limited-time offerings of free add-ons, upgrades, or other deals with rifles in our webstore, we will stick to our MSRP. To do otherwise may undercut your local shop, and then you would never see our rifles on their wall again. There may be rare occasions where we offer discounts on our rifles and receivers, but we will work with our affiliated dealers to make sure they are included in those plans. We want to do our part to support local business!

Can you do custom builds?

In most cases, yes. As a small shop, we can make accommodations for many special requests. However, there are limitations brought about by tooling, sourcing, and testing. If you have a specific request for a custom build that you cannot configure through our BYOU and BYOL pages, please submit a support ticket through the website and we will see what we can do.

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