It's black. The original Mil-Spec coating from the 1960s, the anodized hard coat is a deep black with a light satin sheen. While Aluminum, the material used for the receiver set, buffer tube, and modern handguards, will oxidize naturally over time, the results are a little different than steel alloys. The oxidization that occurs will not cause disintegration, but bare Aluminum is quite reflective. Since a shiny, reflective beacon is about the last thing you want a rifle to be, the anodized layer is applied to the components by an electro-chemical process to reduce their visible signature. The resulting oxidized layer has a much higher surface hardness than the bare aluminum. With a rougher, porous finish, it is also a great candidate for good adhesion with paint applications (i.e. Cerakote®, Krylon®, etc.). This finish is by far still the industry leader because of it's versatility and ease of application in large volumes.


Our first "original recipe" Cerakote® mix, Hollander Brown™ is a deep, rich brown with a very slight maroon hue and light bronze metallic flake. While the color is based on the tones of the earthy clay and wooded groves found throughout Sheboygan County, the color itself is muted enough to be versatile in a variety of regions and climes. It pairs well with furniture and accessories in both black and FDE/tan colorations.


FP Green™ is another custom color mix that was made at the special request of an amphibious partner as a green variant to Hollander Brown™. Primarily green, it has a light bronze metallic flake that lends a slight brown hue to the final product. Since the base of the color is a shade of OD Green, it works well anywhere with green trees. However, like Hollander Brown™, it is muted enough that it can work well just about anywhere. It pairs well with black or FDE furniture for a nice two-tone look or most popular shades of dark green from accessory manufacturers for a smooth single-color palette. 


Boulevard Gray™ rounds out the trifecta of our custom colors with a gray-based finish. It has a slight blue hue and a light silver metallic flake that come together for a subdued finish that stands out in the crowd without looking too flashy. With its urban tones, it shines best in concrete jungles. While it may contrast well with FDE furniture and accessories, it really calls for a set of black accoutrement.


Flat Dark Earth (FDE) is a coloration primarily developed for use in arid climates like high deserts and sandy slopes. Since the latter part of the GWOT-era, FDE has firmly planted itself as the go-to alternative to the standard anodized black finish. Our specific application is a touch darker and browner than the color of Magpul® FDE furniture. It pairs well with black or FDE furniture sets and accessories.


Patriot Brown is a flat, medium brown. It is somewhere in between FDE and Hollander Brown™ in terms of brightness and has no metallic flake. It's neutral tone and dark shade make it a good all-around performer. Pairs best with black furniture and accessories.

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